General Oral/Poster Abstract Guidelines 2015

Most submissions will be single ABSTRACTS of a scientific project or experiment.  These abstracts are requested in the usual format containing: (a) Background – a sentence describing the purpose of the study; (b) Methods – a statement of experimental design or methods used; (c) Results – a summary of results, presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusion; and (d) Conclusion – a statement of conclusions reached..  Any final data can be added to the presentation prior to the Congress, but the concept cannot be appreciably different from that of the original Abstract.  Abstract presentations will make up the lunch-time Poster Sessions and the afternoon thematic Oral Sessions.  Poster presentations are scheduled for the daily two hour lunch-time and each afternoon oral presentation is 12-15 minutes long.  The Program Committee will review and organize these submissions.

  • One abstract may not be presented more than once, even across presentation types; e.g. Oral/Poster and Symposium.
  • Abstracts should consist of new data; not be previously presented data, whether at this meeting or another.
  • A reanalysis of an already -presented study or of a new aspect of the study is acceptable.  For example, the presentation of the secondary outcome measures or the metabolic data is considered well within the concept of a new presentation.
  • A first author may submit only one abstract to be reviewed for Oral or Poster presentation.  The same author may be included on multiple submissions.
  • Click for submission formatting instructions.

Extended Deadline
Abstract submissions will be accepted through
5.00p EST Monday 13 October 2014

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