Choosing your “Role” in Account Creation

In Step 4 of creating your account in AbstractCentral, you will be able to choose the appropriate Role(s) for submission. You may choose as many Roles as required to cover the types of abstracts/proposals you will be submitting; e.g. you may wish to submit a General Oral/Poster abstract and a Workshop Proposal, or as a Young Investigator applicant and as a Symposium Speaker.

Young Investigator Applicant – persons submitting abstracts in this must meet the Young Investigator Travel Award application criteria and will be reviewed in the General Oral/Poster Abstract process as noted above.

General Oral/Poster Abstract – An individual presentation of data; can have multiple authors. May choose to present only as a poster or choose to be considered as a 10-minute oral presentation by the organizer of the Oral Session based on category.

Symposium Chair Overview – The Chair of a Symposium proposal would select this role in order to submit the Overview. The Overview must be submitted prior to the individual abstracts being submitted such that the individual abstracts can be associated within the system to the Overview. A Symposium consists of a Chair and four Speakers (Symposium Abstracts); the Chair may choose whether or not to be one of the Speakers. Symposia may also have Co-Chairs and/or a Discussant, which will be named in the Overview submission.

Symposium Speaker Abstract – Each Speaker in a Symposium Proposal will select this role in which to submit their abstract. Symposium Speakers will have a 30-minute presentation if selected to present orally. In Step 1 of the submission process, the Chair and appropriate Overview will be selected to assure that each Symposium Abstract is associated with the appropriate Overview. The individual abstracts may have multiple authors.

Workshop – Please see Workshop Proposal description and select this role, if appropriate. There is no limit to the number of participants in a Workshop and only a Description is submitted, no individual abstracts.

Please assure you are submitting in the correct Role before clicking “Submit” abstract button. If you are unsure, please contact before submitting; we are unable to refund abstract submission fee if submitted in incorrect Role.

Please visit our Scientific Submission webpage to submit your General Oral/Poster abstract, Symposium Proposal, Workshop Proposal, and/or Young Investigator Travel Award application for review. All submissions should be new research/novel discoveries. The Scientific Program Committee will competitively review and judge the submissions according to: relevance to the program, prominence of scientific value, and objectivity of statement.

In order to comply with ACCME AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM, disclosure information must be included for each author of an abstract. The submitting author will be responsible for including all authors’ disclosure information. Please ensure that your submission does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific errors as it will be reproduced and published exactly as submitted.