2013 Symposium Guidelines & Submission

ACCME AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ compliance requires disclosure information be included for each author of an abstract.  The submitting author will be responsible for including all authors’ disclosure information. Please ensure that your submission does not contain spelling, grammar, or scientific errors as it will be reproduced and published exactly as submitted.

SYMPOSIUM submissions should be focused on a single topic of schizophrenia research that is prominent, competitive, and relevant.  All presentations should be data-based and scientifically excellent.  Each individual Symposium presentation should form a whole which is much more that the mere combination of the individual data presentations.  Priority will be given to scientific excellence, topic timeliness, breadth of coverage, and importance to schizophrenia research.  Each Symposium is scheduled for two hours and should have four speakers with a Chair.  The Program Committee will review and select Symposia for presentation in the morning sessions.  Since only 16 sessions are available, competition will be brisk.

  • Submission Overview should contain a complete list of participants with talk titles and an abstract for the Symposium overall.
  • Each Speaker within the proposed Symposium will submit an abstract (see Symposium Submission formatting).
  • A Speaker may submit an abstract in multiple Symposium proposals, with a limit of 2 actual presentations. If a particular Speaker is a participant in more than 2 selected Symposia, the Speaker will be asked to choose which 2 presentations and the Chair of the remaining Symposium will be asked to find an alternate Speaker.
  • A particular abstract may not be presented more than once, even across presentation types; e.g. Oral/Poster and Symposium.
  • Abstracts should consist of new data; not be previously presented data, whether at this meeting or another. (A reanalysis of an already-presented study or of a new aspect of the study is acceptable.  For example, the presentation of the secondary outcome measures or the metabolic data is considered well within the concept of a new presentation.)
  • During online submission, each Symposium abstract first author will be able to select if the abstract should be considered for poster presentation or discarded if the Symposium as a whole is not selected.
  • Click for Symposium Overview submission formatting instructions.
  • Click for individual Symposium Abstract submission formatting instructions.

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