2013 Oral Prresentation Guidelines


Oral Presentation Guidelines

Each speaker can bring their presentation to the Speaker Ready Room on CD-ROM, Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick, Multi-media Card, SD Card, or a laptop prior to the scheduled time of their presentation. Also, speakers can submit their presentation via the PRG Upload Center web site http://www.presentationupload.com prior to the meeting. For technical questions please contact: or call (720) 440-8330 and ask for the IT Department.

Speaker Ready Room: Check in required for all presenters

Production Resource Group requests that all presenters use PowerPoint™ Presentations. All meeting rooms will have presentation computers and will be networked to a central server located in the Speaker Ready Room. Presenters are encouraged and expected to bring their own memory device or CD-ROM to the Speaker Ready Room, where they will have the opportunity to review their presentations or make any last minute changes.

If possible, please check in at the Speaker Ready Room 4 hours BEFORE your presentation.

When reviewing your presentation, you should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly.  You will be able to edit your presentation at this time. When the presentation is to be given, the file will be accessed via the conference menu on the computer in the meeting room. Once the presentation is launched, you (the speaker) will control the program from the podium using a computer mouse.

Guidelines for preparing PowerPoint™ Presentations

IMPORTANT:  Please make sure that you include your contact information on the final slide.
(This slide can be either hidden or deleted on show site after you have checked in at Speaker Ready Room.)
Please take a moment to read the following information completely even if you are an experienced presenter. If you have technical questions after you have finished please contact James Rut with Production Resource Group at (720) 440-8330 and ask for the IT Department.

Pre show: You should make it a priority to go by the Speaker Ready Room prior to your presentation. This will allow you time to review, rehearse, and finalize your presentation. When building your presentation, make sure you include any external files utilized in the same folder as your presentation, e.g. movie files. When creating your media for transportation, copy the entire folder to the disk. To insure the success of your presentation, remember to make a backup copy of your files and transport that media in a separate piece of luggage. If you have movies in your presentation it is even more important that you verify the file in the speaker ready room well ahead of your presentation time.

In the instance that you are using PowerPoint 2010 which allows for embedding of video into the PowerPoint, it is suggested that you bring the separate video files with you in case of any issues.

Prezi Users:  We do allow for presenters to use Prezi to present if desired. In the instance that Prezi will be used, we ask that you come by the speaker ready room in advance to test the presentation.

Security: USB ports on the computers have security to prevent files from being copied back to devices. Cameras and video equipment are not permitted in the Speaker Ready Room.  All files on the computers are deleted at the end of the conference.

Fonts: We can only supply fonts that are included in the base installation of Windows. Any font other than these will need to be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. For information on embedding fonts see below. We suggest using the fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Tahoma. Use of fonts not included in Windows can lead to words that bleed into graphics or bullets that may be the wrong style.

You can embed the fonts into your presentation by following these steps:

Office 2003

  1. On the File menu, click Save As.
  2. On the toolbar, click Tools, click Save Options, select the Embed TrueType Fonts check box, and then do the following:
  3. To embed all the characters in the font set, select Embed all characters (best for editing by others).

Note: If you plan to have others review and edit your file, it’s best to embed the full font set, though that creates larger file.

Office 2007

  1. Click the Office button, and then PowerPoint Options.
  2. Select the Save Tab and Check the box to Embed Fonts in the file.

Office 2010

  1. Click File, and then PowerPoint Options.
  2. Select the Save Button and check the box Embed Fonts in the file.

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac and other Mac versions of PowerPoint cannot embed fonts.

Apple Computers:  If you are creating your presentation on an Apple computer please be aware of the following issues:

  • Movies: QuickTime is not native to Windows computers. It would be preferred to have your video files     converted to .avi’s in order to allow for proper operation in PowerPoint for Mac or PC.
  • Pictures: Use common image formats that are cross-platform such as JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Fonts: Use common cross-platform fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Courier. Many pre-    installed and custom fonts will not translate properly on a Windows machine.
  • Animations: Use simple entry animation effects, such as fly in/out, appear, and dissolve.

Success:  The best way to insure your success is to come by the speaker ready room onsite. There are technicians there ready to assist you.

These guidelines have been established by Production Resource Group to help insure the success of your presentation.

Contact:  For technical questions please contact: present@prg.com

For general questions, please contact:

James Rut
Production Resource Group
Phone: (720) 440-8374
Website:  http://www.presentationupload.com